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Keep it wild

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Kevin Holladay
Thu, 12/29/2011

The Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area should be designated as official wilderness by Congress. Wilderness allows many forms of recreation but does not allow bicyclists. Only 2 percent of our public land is designated as official wilderness in the lower 48 states. I love mountain biking on Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service lands. However, I have thousands of miles available to me that is not in a wilderness.

Preserve the remnants of wild earth that remain in Taos County

Taos News
John Nichols
Thu, 12/22/2011

I have lived in Taos 41 years. 

I am a hunter, a fisherman, an avid hiker. I have wandered all over our county, up and down the Rio Grande Gorge from Bear Crossing to Pilar, and across the three watersheds of Pot Creek, the Rio Chiquito, and the Rio Grande del Rancho. I have climbed Tres Orejas mountain hundreds of times, and spent days roaming the Petaca Arroyo.

Wild year ahead; Follow the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance on all manner of adventures in 2012

Albuquerque Journal
Tom Travin
Thu, 12/22/2011

What better way to get 2012 off to a rousing start than a six-day, five-night wintertime trip to Yellowstone?

Too ambitious? OK, then how about something a little closer to home (and a lot cheaper): a guided hike through Fillmore Canyon in the Organ Mountains?

Both events, either of which would go a long way toward making the blahest month - February - less blah, are being offered by the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. And they're only a couple of the myriad things to do in "Wild Guide 2012," the alliance's annual publication that's as fun as it is informative.

Mountain Biker Supports Wilderness

The Taos News
Noah Bridgers
Wed, 12/21/2011

My big athletic passion in life is mountain biking. Thanks to my home in Taos, I have grown up riding some phenomenal terrain, including in the Columbine Hondo wilderness area.I have to admit the Columbine Hondo trails are epic and awesome both in the challenging ride and the amazing scenery. However, I also understand the importance of protecting this rugged pristine area. Long Canyon and Gold Hill Ridge loop has been a great bike ride that is an annual ritual for me. I will miss it but it is an easy choice for me to say, I support the full protection for Columbine Hondo wilderness.

Letter to the Editor: Leave a legacy for our children

The Taos News
John Olivas
Fri, 12/16/2011

I want to commend The Taos News for their recent editorial (Dec. 8) “Keeping our wilderness areas wild and scenic.”

The Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area (CHWSA) is a watershed that needs to be protected for the use of all Taos County residents and many New Mexicans to the south. Water will remain as the highest level resource that needs protection.

Mayor Esther García said it best, “In order to protect your water, you have to protect its source.”

Cyclists Seek Access to Columbine Hondo Trails

The Taos News
Matthew Van Buren
Thu, 12/15/2011

Cyclists are seeking to have part of the Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area set aside for mountain biking, but they are meeting with resistance from some wilderness seekers.

The Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Coalition has been working for years toward a full Congressional wilderness designation for the 46,000-acre area, located between the Latir and Wheeler Peak wildernesses. The Columbine-Hondo was designated a wilderness study area in 1980, and the coalition has gathered hundreds of letters of support from local individuals, organizations and governmental bodies.

Editorial: Keeping our wilderness areas wild and scenic

The Taos News
Thu, 12/08/2011

It’s becoming rare to find places in this nation that haven’t been touched by people and their schemes.

That’s why we need to protect them.

A case in point is the Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area located in the northern part of our county.

The area comprises about 46,000 untouched acres sitting between two significant wilderness areas: Latir and Wheeler Peak. Among its features are Flag Mountain, Lobo Peak and Gold Hill.

Letter to the Editor: Protect Goose Creek

The Taos News
Cathy Hope
Thu, 12/08/2011

Thank you for a great article about the Columbine Hondo WSA. I'm writing to advocate specifically for the trail known as Goose Creek. I've been hiking in the Sangres for over 20 years, and this particular trail is one of the most beautiful: a narrow canyon that is deeply green, cool and lush.

As an herbalist, I am amazed at its biodiversity. Last summer I hiked it with interns every few weeks, and at summer's end I'd counted over 80 species of flowering plants, many of them not commonly or easily seen along a hiking path.

Giving away the wilderness

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Sun, 12/04/2011

Back in the day, the most fervent conservationists often were Republicans. President Theodore Roosevelt's efforts helped create national forests and parks to preserve wilderness for generations. Now, the party he once led is trying to do away with wilderness protection, introducing congressional legislation that would harm habitat and watersheds.

Fifth-graders speak out on Columbine Hondo area

The Taos News
Thu, 12/01/2011

"We heard that the Colum­­bine Hondo Mountains are not permanently protected from development."

"We should give the Columbine Hondo Wilderness to our future generations."

"We think you should protect this mountain range because it has breathtaking views and lots of wonderful experiences."

"If you go to this wilderness you will have many fun experi­ences like hiking, camping and fishing."

"This wilderness protects lots of animals like bears, deer, elk, and mountain lions."

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