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N.M.’s Heritage of Wilderness Is at Serious Risk

Albuquerque Journal
Garrett VeneKlasen
Sun, 03/18/2012

Everyone has a story and everyone has history. Tragically, most of us have lost or somehow forgotten important pieces of our story in the passing of generations. Some have a name for this - they call it "progress."

New Mexico is one of the few states in our union that has a complete historical and cultural record with unbroken ties back to the origin of its traditional, land-based cultures. This epic tale - which is steeped in diversity, tradition and heritage - starts something like this:

Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Vital for Wildlife

Santa Fe New Mexican
John Klingel
Thu, 03/08/2012

During the past 37 years, I've spent considerable time hiking in the Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area and surrounding mountains near Taos Ski Valley. The entire area needs full, permanent wilderness status because of the recreation it supports year-round, the clean water it provides to the Rio Hondo and Red River, and the wildlife. Overall, the area is good habitat for game species such as elk and deer in summer, and bighorn sheep, bear, turkey and grouse year-round. The area also provides habitat for many nongame species such as American marten, White-tailed ptarmigan, lynx and raptors.

My Turn: Dear potential heroes of Taos

The Taos News
Mandy Stapleford
Thu, 02/02/2012

As we residents know, Taos is special. It’s so special in fact, that millions of people from all over the world have traveled here to enjoy our exceptional, unspoiled landscapes. This means millions of much needed dollars that flow into our town and our state.

Imagine if we as a community consistently ban together as a “residential task force” of sorts and demand protection of this beautiful part of the country. Organizations like Taos Friends United and The Taos Land Trust are essential for this kind of preservation.

Honoring the Land for the Greater Good

The Taos News
David Arguello
Thu, 01/26/2012

As a member of the Arroyo Hondo Arriba Community Land Grant I would like to express my land grant community's support and concern for permanent protection of the Columbine Hondo wilderness area.

Most of the members of our land grant live in the village of Valdez. Our family roots go back hundreds of years.

We have always lived with a sense of connection to the land and natural world that surrounds us. The word "wilderness" was not in our vocabulary.

Our Outdoor Love

The Taos News
John and Judy Miller
Thu, 01/26/2012

As Red River residents, we are writing to say that we support permanent protection of the Columbine Hondo Wilderness. My husband John has lived here almost all of his life and together we have raised our four children in Red River.

The Columbine Hondo mountains have been our outdoor love. We are now in our mid-70s and we still regularly hike in the Columbine Hondo.

We have many memories of adventures up high to its ridges and peaks. We have enjoyed its wildlife, wild flowers and geology.

Mountain Biking and the Columbine Hondo WSA: The Case for Wilderness

The Taos News
John Olivas
Thu, 01/19/2012

I would like to clear up any misconceptions about the ongoing and current efforts to designate the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area (WSA) as Wilderness, as well as respond to last week's My Turn entitled, "Keep Biking Where it Has Been Historically Allowed".

Concerned Citizens of the Upper Red River Valley Support Columbine Hondo Wilderness

The Taos News
Judith Griffith
Thu, 01/12/2012

The Concerned Citizens of the Upper Red River Valley is an organization of over two hundred families that live and own property in the Upper Valley. I am writing on their behalf in support of the proposed Columbine / Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area.  Our members consist of many fourth generation residents. When my  parents came to the valley for the first time in the 1930's, they fell in love with the area and purchased their property. Our own extended family of four generations now has three homes and numbers fifty individuals.

Local Youth Supports Columbine Hondo Wilderness

The Taos News
Gabriel Lefthand
Thu, 01/12/2012

As a youth, I had the fortunate experience of being able to do much of my learning outdoors. I attended Roots and Wings School for three years which was a pretty rich experience in my life.  Much of our learning took place in the mountains.  Our school took us on hiking trips to Gold Hill as well as many other trips into the Columbine Hondo wilderness.  It was a school that helped shape my foundation to make me the person I am today.  The learning was authentic and connected with real life.

This Place is Special

The Taos News
Thu, 01/12/2012

To whom it may concern,

Protect our natural heritage and our mountains

The Taos News
Rachel Seto-Templeton
Thu, 01/05/2012

I am writing to you today because of a matter of great importance. I was born and raised in Taos and I have experienced nineteen years of the natural beauty of this very special town. Although I recently went off to college, a place like Taos is not easily forgotten.

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